About Us

Welcome To Camlachie United


Our Beliefs

We are “A Christian Community Welcoming and Serving All People”. We enjoy being together, worshiping together, working together, and serving together. We welcome all who enter our doors, as each of us was welcomed in the past. We believe in each other, and who we are as a Christian Family.

Our Land Acknowledgement

“Camlachie United Church is located on the beautiful homeland and traditional territory of the Chippewa, Odawa, Potawatomi, and Delaware First Nations. We give thanks for the welcome these nations have extended to us through their treaties, ancestral traditions, and languages. We look forward to working with them in the mutual sharing and stewardship of this good land.”

Our Logo

Our logo consists of the letter forms “C” and “U” (Camlachie United) surrounding and supporting an “Ichthys”, an ancient Christian symbol also known as a “Jesus Fish”. The bowl-like form also references the Bible story of feeding the crowd with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Perhaps that is why we enjoy hosting many dinners throughout the year!

Our Minister

Our Minister is Rev Jon Forbes.

Our Office Administrator

Heather Holbrook is the smiling face who will meet you during her regular office hours, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 12.  Any questions you have, just ask Heather and she will track down the answer, or the person you should talk to. See the “Contact Us” tab for our phone number and email address.


Camlachie United Church had its early beginnings with the establishment of Bethel Methodist Church in 1860 in the area of Camlachie Ontario. Camlachie became the head of the circuit of itinerant preachers in 1876.  The small early church was dismantled in 1889 and taken to Camlachie to assist in building a new church.  That structure was replaced by the new Camlachie United Church building, with the opening and Dedication Service held October 14, 1956.  Due to increased attendance and changing needs an addition was added in 1981. Towards the end of that century our thoughts turned again to a bigger building, fully accessible to all. After years of fund raising and searching for property, we erected the sign on our new property in October 2003, began construction in October 2007, opened Phase 1 of our new building on November 23, 2008, and held our first service in the new sanctuary on December 11, 2011.