New Unified Board Chair – Martin Vrolyk

The Unified Board welcomes Martin Vrolyk as their new Chair.

Martin is the husband of Julie and the father to Madeline and Jack.

Martin previously led Camlachie United Church as Chair of the New Building Committee through the finalization of our new land acquisition, Ontario Municipal Board hearings and the design process of our new church.

Welcome Martin!

COVID-19 Update – June 23 – Finance Committee

Becoming A Cashless Church

Currently the Unified Board is involved in discussions on when to return to In-Building Services. As we come out of this Pandemic there are changes necessary to the way we will do things. This letter has to do with how we handle finances.

The Pandemic has brought two things to the forefront in the financial area.

We must put procedures and practices in place to protect the Health and Safety of our members. This means the reduction in the number of touch points that allow the potential transmission of germs and disease.

We as a congregation are too dependent on the Sunday Service Collection for our Finances. There was a substantial reduction in offerings during the Pandemic.

When we start meeting again, changes to our Sunday services will be as follows.

There will be no passing of the plate through the congregation during the service. A plate will be on a table in the Narthex where you may place your offering.

We will NOT accept Cash as it has too many touch points – please do not put Cash in your envelope or on the plate. Cheques will be accepted.

There will be a new option to make your offering using your Debit/Credit Card.  A new machine will be managed by a member of the Finance Committee at each service in the Narthex. It will accept Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, TAP, PIN. There is a fee of $0.10 for Debit card (preferred) and 2.5% for Credit card.

We ask that you use one of the following ON-LINE methods for making your donations.

The ultimate Goal is the elimination of Sunday Collection completely (except for visitors) with all offerings collected electronically/on-line. There are four methods for making donations:

PAR – Pre-Authorized Remittance: automatic withdrawals from your bank account or charge to your credit card; fee of $0.50/transaction plus 2.5% if credit card

On-line payment: only available at any Credit Union; same method as used for paying utility company, etc.; can pay any time or schedule regular payments; no fee

Interac E-Transfer: available at any Bank or Credit Union; usually no fee to user

CanadaHelps Organization: a direct link is available on the church website; fee 3.5%

The PAR & CanadaHelps fees are paid by the church: you will receive credit for the full amount of your donation for Income Tax Purposes.

Instructions for using these methods can be found HERE and in the Narthex.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Church (519-899-4720) or Finance Committee Chair (519-869-6313).

Thank you for your support.

Your Finance Committee

COVID-19 Update – June 20 – Board Meeting

The Camlachie United Church Unified Board met on Thursday evening, June 18, and had a discussion on re-opening the church for worship.

The following decisions were made:

1. In-person worship in the building will not resume until September 13 at the earliest. We will be using Lambton Health recommendations as well as provincial guidelines. The Antler River Watershed Regional Council has also been guiding churches on re-opening.

2. Individual committees will work in the meantime to ensure a safe environment for worship when we are able to re-open.

3. The church building will be CLOSED to outside groups until 2021. This will be revisited at that time.

We ask that all committees wishing to meet at the church first gain permission from Heather so she can arrange proper sanitizing protocols before and after. She can be reached at

In general, the church building is still closed to everyone except:
1. David VanPatter (Minister)
2. Heather Holbrook (Administrator)
3. Niki Nauta (Custodian)
4. John Scott (Property)

Thank you for your patience! We will keep you informed as decisions are made. Please stay well!

COVID-19 Update – June 11 – Preparing To Re-Open

With the announcement this week from the provincial government allowing churches to re-open under certain restrictions, your Unified Board is working to make that happen. We are working to address health and safety issues, mitigate risks and re-work the way we worship to keep our congregation safe during this Covid-19 crisis.

This will take time as there are many things to consider.

Our main goal is to provide a safe and healthy experience in our building for all who enter. For now, we will continue to worship via audio service each weekend.

If you would like to give your input or thoughts on the process of re-opening, please send an email to the Communications Committee and it will be passed on to the appropriate church committee.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to when we can all be together again!

Fund Raisers Update – May 26, 2020


On annual Garage, Plant, Bake Sale normally held in early June has been CANCELLED. We realize there would be significant hands-on evaluation of the myriad of “treasures” available, and this will not be safe for anyone. We certainly have appreciated the fantastic support from our many bargain hunters over the past two decades or more, and look forward to serving you again, some day.


Sorry to say, the dinner has been CANCELLED for 2020. We were very disappointed at having to cancel the spring Fish Fry planned for May 6 and were hoping things might improve enough by August. Even if the church was able to open by then, we realize social distancing requirements would present a real challenge for us to serve our hungry attendees, let alone provide a safe environment for our volunteers. Hopefully we will be able to fire up the deep fryers in 2021.


This is a new “Virtual Fish Fry” served up especially for the summer of COVID-19. Our creative co-conveners for the Spring Fish Fry and summer Fish N Chips have come up with this new fund raising event. Curious ? Click here to see what they have developed:

No Cook No Work Fish Fry Fundraiser Poster 2020

E-Services During Church Closure

Rev. David has been preparing E-services since shortly after the church building was closed due to COVID-19. The links to the most recent services are listed on the Home page. All of the services are listed here, for those who might want to look at some of the earlier ones.

We look forward to returning to regular live services when health regulations permit.

In the mean time, if you have any special needs, David is available by phone or email.

Take care, keep safe, and always remember:

“One In Love, One In Friendship Too”


NOTE: David is on vacation for August.

Please contact the office if you need spiritual support.

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COVID-19 Update – March 31 – Church Access

As you are aware, on March 17 the Unified Board closed the church until further notice and all activities were cancelled or postponed.

This update is to clarify that, in an effort to avoid introducing the virus to the facility, we do not want people who have keys entering the building on their own. Having fewer people entering the building will lower the risk of accidental contamination and transmission.

The Board has approved the following people to enter the building on as as-needed basis:

David VanPatter (Minister)
Heather Holbrook (Office Administrator)
Niki Nauta (Custodian)
John Scott (Property)

If you are not one of these individuals PLEASE DO NOT ENTER the building.

If for some reason you have need of something that is inside the building, please either:

contact the church office (519)899-4720 and leave a message,


send an email to the church at

and someone will be in touch with you.

We thank you for your help in keeping the building safe for our eventual return.

COVID-19 Update – March 21 – Electronic Offerings

Message from CUC Finance Committee

Although the church is closed for now, church expenses continue and are being paid. The church finances are in a healthy position today but we ask that you look at continuing your regular weekly or monthly offerings using either of the following options available by the internet.

NOTE: people using PAR do not need to use these options as your donations will continue as usual.

1: Interac e-Transfer

Log in to your Bank or Credit Union on-line banking account and locate the option to Send Interac e-Transfer. You can specify the amount for a one-time or recurring transfer and send it to the church’s email address:

Please use your 3-digit envelope number for the security question answer. (e.g. 027)

In the message field, put your envelope number and name (optional) and any monetary split between General and M&S. If no split specified, the money will go to the General account.

2: Donate via

This service organization enables donations to many charities, with payment by credit card or PayPal. You will receive a tax receipt from CanadaHelps for your donation, not from the church. They charge a small fee for donations which is paid by the church.

Find the website and use their search feature to find Camlachie United Church then click on the church name. Or, you can simply click the following link which will take you directly to the page for donations to our church:


You first specify the amount and select which fund it is to go to: General or M&S. In the Message field, enter your envelope number and name (optional) and any monetary split between General and M&S. If no split specified, the funds will go to the account you selected. On the next page you enter your Donor and Tax Receipt information.


If you have any questions about making donations or need assistance with either of these on-line options, please phone Ric Cudmore at (519)331-1583, or send an email to the church and it will be forwarded on to Ric. He is more than happy to assist you and answer your questions.


Your Finance Committee

COVID-19 Update – March 17 – Church Closed

The church is closed until further notice.

It is always the priority of our church to maintain a safe space for our congregation, the community and our staff. Due to the nature of the COVID-19 situation and upon recommendations of local, provincial and federal health authorities we will be shutting our building for the foreseeable future. Please be advised that ALL activities scheduled in the church building have been cancelled or suspended for now.

Rev. David Van Patter is available by his personal phone number and email.


David may be in the office on a regular basis and reachable through the church phone.

Office Manager Heather will be in the office from time to time.

She can be reached by the office phone and church email.


Heather is able to monitor the phone and email remotely.

The office phone has an answering machine which will be checked on a regular basis. If you call the office, you may opt to leave a message and someone will contact you at our earliest opportunity.

The Board will continue monitoring the situation.

Be safe, be secure and be well, and we look forward to seeing you again.

COVID-19 Letter – Status as of March 14, 2020

Following is a letter from David Van Patter about the current situation around the COVID-19 coronavirus.

COVID-19 Letter 2020 03 14

Church will be open tomorrow, March 15, for those who wish to attend.

The Board will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days and weeks, with information communicated by our website and through the Newsletter.