Church Services Resumed September 12, 2021


Church services resumed September 12, 2021, with the following protocol for attending Sunday Services.

Worshipping at Camlachie United Church

First and foremost: Welcome Back!

We have established some very simple guidelines to make your visit safe and enjoyable:

1.   Please wear a mask at all times and respect social distancing guidelines.
2.   Enter by the front doors where you will be warmly greeted and asked the standard Covid questions.
3.   The greeter will make a record of attendees, using member contact information on file.
        a. Newcomers will be asked to fill in a simple contact information form.
4.   Please use the hand sanitizer before entering the narthex.
5.   There will not be refreshments available in the church.
        a. If you bring your own, please take the container with you when you leave.
6.   The offering plate will be in the narthex for cheques only, or you may use your debit/credit card.
        a. You may prefer to make your donation on-line – see our website for information.
7.   Take a seat in the sanctuary, respecting social distancing outside your family bubble
        a. alternate rows of seats are taped off – please do not use them
8.   There will be not be a choir and no singing, but humming is encouraged!
9.   Washrooms are available, but limited to one person at a time.
10. Please leave via the front doors and avoid lingering in the narthex.

Last and most important: Thank you for coming! We hope to see you again.


General Guidelines for Church Users

We strongly urge you to be vaccinated for the safety of yourselves and others.

The church remains closed for general use, but Church Committees and specific church-based groups are able to meet at the church. The Board has established the general guidelines for people entering the church for such purposes. Please refer to the following newsletter:

Important Reminders