COVID-19 Update – March 31 – Church Access

As you are aware, on March 17 the Unified Board closed the church until further notice and all activities were cancelled or postponed.

This update is to clarify that, in an effort to avoid introducing the virus to the facility, we do not want people who have keys entering the building on their own. Having fewer people entering the building will lower the risk of accidental contamination and transmission.

The Board has approved the following people to enter the building on as as-needed basis:

David VanPatter (Minister)
Heather Holbrook (Office Administrator)
Niki Nauta (Custodian)
John Scott (Property)

If you are not one of these individuals PLEASE DO NOT ENTER the building.

If for some reason you have need of something that is inside the building, please either:

contact the church office (519)899-4720 and leave a message,


send an email to the church at

and someone will be in touch with you.

We thank you for your help in keeping the building safe for our eventual return.