COVID-19 Update – March 21 – Electronic Offerings

Message from CUC Finance Committee

Although the church is closed for now, church expenses continue and are being paid. The church finances are in a healthy position today but we ask that you look at continuing your regular weekly or monthly offerings using either of the following options available by the internet.

NOTE: people using PAR do not need to use these options as your donations will continue as usual.

1: Interac e-Transfer

Log in to your Bank or Credit Union on-line banking account and locate the option to Send Interac e-Transfer. You can specify the amount for a one-time or recurring transfer and send it to the church’s email address:

Please use your 3-digit envelope number for the security question answer. (e.g. 027)

In the message field, put your envelope number and name (optional) and any monetary split between General and M&S. If no split specified, the money will go to the General account.

2: Donate via

This service organization enables donations to many charities, with payment by credit card or PayPal. You will receive a tax receipt from CanadaHelps for your donation, not from the church. They charge a small fee for donations which is paid by the church.

Find the website and use their search feature to find Camlachie United Church then click on the church name. Or, you can simply click the following link which will take you directly to the page for donations to our church:


You first specify the amount and select which fund it is to go to: General or M&S. In the Message field, enter your envelope number and name (optional) and any monetary split between General and M&S. If no split specified, the funds will go to the account you selected. On the next page you enter your Donor and Tax Receipt information.


If you have any questions about making donations or need assistance with either of these on-line options, please phone Ric Cudmore at (519)331-1583, or send an email to the church and it will be forwarded on to Ric. He is more than happy to assist you and answer your questions.


Your Finance Committee