Welcome Back, Joe !

The Sunday School was out in force on February 7, to welcome Joe back from his well-earned sabbatical. The kids were just a-fidgeting in their seats, waiting for Children’s Time, as each and everyone of them had a brightly coloured gift bag to give to Joe. At last the time arrived and the kids swarmed to the front, nearly bowling Joe over with their enthusiasm. Joe had already seen the big banner the Sunday School classes had made and posted on the side wall of the sanctuary, making note of it during his first few words of welcome to the service. Now he was all smiles as the children gathered around him, but he seemed a bit perplexed with all the gift bags being strewn about the steps beside him. It appeared he was a bit over-whelmed by it all, and it took the coaching of the whole congregation to get him to open the gifts. That’s when his eyes really lit up, as each and every bag contained a pair of wildly coloured socks, each with their own unique design!

For years, Joe has proudly shown off a new pair of socks the first time he wears them to church. Now he is all set for “a month of Sundays” !!!

Unfortunately the excitement that day was too much for him and the photographer had to wait a few days until his feet came back down to earth!

Joe extends a great big thank-you to all the Sunday School kids who made his first day back to church so memorable! He can hardly wait to see you again each week, and keep you guessing as to which pair of “fancy-dancy” socks he will wear the next time you see him.

From the whole congregation, Joe, Welcome Home !!!  We’ve missed you, and are so glad to have you back.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamsocks

     Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamsocks